This prototype Safe-T-Shield will be entering production soon.
We will be accepting pre-orders on June 15th, 2020


Barrier with Integrated Extraoral Suction

A New Category of Safety for Dentistry, Medicine or Any Profession with a High Exposure to Oral Vapor.

By creating a broad negative pressure zone directly above the oral cavity, the Safe-T-Shield provides more powerful evacuation of patient exhalation than single point oral suction devices. The Shield also provides an absolute barrier to droplet and bioburden ejection while still allowing comfortable access to the treatment zone.

We believe a track-mounted Safe-T-Shield will become the installed "Standard of Care" of the future. In most circumstances, these devices will be ducted to one (or more) central vacuums and exhausted outside the facility. We are researching the best methods to retrofit existing practices – and will recommend the devices in all our future designs. Until retrofitting a track-mounted Safe-T-Shield system is possible, we will offer a mobile, cart-based version for immediate deployment into your practice.


Suction and filtration rates given are based on the mobile version of the Safe-T-Shield. Specifications for overhead units may vary depending on the central vacuum installed at your facility. We consult with you and your HVAC provider to determine best method of installation.

  • Overhead track mount (installed) or as mobile unit
  • Vapor evacuation via ducted manifold
  • 0.3 µm H13 HEPA Filtration on mobile unit (exterior exhaust on installed unit)
  • Shield barrier, approx. 21" x 14"
  • Height adjustable
  • Universal articulation (yaw, pitch, roll)


The future standard of dental care

  • Aerosol Control

    Vapor evacuation via ducted manifold

  • Particle Barrier

    Universal articulation (yaw, pitch, roll)

  • Exhaust Filtration

    H13 HEPA Filtration (Mobile unit)

For information on this product as it develops, please fill out our contact form and include "Safe-T-Shield" in the additional comments.