All Ergonomic Products Workstations are covered by a Money Back Guarantee.

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EP Delivery Line Money Back Guarantee Terms and Condition:

To work effectively, our delivery units must be part of a system. Therefore, a minimum purchase of 3 Delivery Units is required to be eligible for the Guarantee.

Guarantee is applicable to Delivery Units purchased after 3/1/17. Refunds will be honored for a period of one year, starting 90 days after date of installation.

The Guarantee is offered on new Ergonomic Products Delivery installations only, and is not intended to replace or upgrade existing EP Delivery Units.

Delivery Units must be returned in a reasonable condition.

Ergonomics Products will provide return-shipping materials at no cost. Customer will be responsible for disassembly, packaging and shipping costs to our Fall River, MA facility.

The Guarantee applies to following Delivery Units:

  • Stratus Workstation – item D1E1
  • Universal Workstation – items D1A1 (single and double-tier), D1A2, D1A4
  • Horizon Workstation – items D1B1, D1B2, D1B4
  • Terra Workstation – items D1D1, D1D2, D1D4
  • Compact Cart Workstation – item D1C1, D1C2, C1C4
  • 32” Hygiene InWall – item D2A1, D2A4

Terra Workstation outlined