Elite Steri Center

When you need high-flow at the highest volume the Desergo Elite Steri Center is the answer. Go big or go home.

With double the autoclave and instrument washing capabilities, 30 gallons (or more) of trash management, and twice the clean storage capacity, the Elite will provide ample through-put for the busiest of dental practices.

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Enhanced Steri Center

The Desergo Enhanced Steri Center adds significant functionality with a minimal impact to floorspace.

Enhancements include an additional cabinet for bottle storage or a cassette wrap hanger, optional extra trash pull-out, and the choice of a triple sink for increased efficiency.

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Compact Steri Center

Maximize efficiency & productivity by treating this area as an integrated design element, not an afterthought.Our founde

Our founder, Dr. David Ahearn, and the team at Design Ergonomics have been studying, improving and lecturing about the importance of a smooth sterilization/resupply system for almost 2 decades. Unfortunately the industry continues to produce products that don’t flow, and don’t stand up to the challenges of the dental environment.

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The SurgiLift allows for Lean and Ergonomic Dentistry, eliminating extra movement and time

The SurgiLift dental surgical table will make your complex dental procedures easier and more efficient.

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Stratus Workstation

The next generation of dental equipment with enhanced ergonomic efficiency and productivity has arrived.

EP Dental Delivery Workstations place all your clinical needs right at your fingertips. It is the most efficient and ergonomic solution to a fundamental problem for dental equipment; you can’t use what you can’t reach! Developed by Dr. David Ahearn, “Over-the-Head” delivery allows all materials, supplies and instruments to be positioned

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Universal Workstation

Boost your productivity, without increasing your stress, in your dental practice.

Ergonomic Products’s GOLD Standard in Dental Delivery Workstations. Providing clinicians with a professional, effective and ergonomically sound dental product. The dental delivery platform that redefined the industry, bringing efficiency and productivity to new levels. The Universal Dental Workstation is the most feature rich delivery system available and our most popular.

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Horizon Workstation

Everything a dental treatment room could need right at your fingertips, in a cost-effective approach to dental delivery.

SIGNIFICANT DESIGN UPDATES With its recent design upgrade, the Horizon Dental Workstation now offers many of the double-tier benefits of our top-of-the-line Over-the-Head Dental Workstations. Consolidated dental supplies, enhanced practitioner ergonomics and a broad range of custom options make the Horizon an exceptional dental delivery platform at an attractive price.

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Terra Workstation

Simple, effective and economical dental performance on a moderate budget.

The Terra Dental Workstation offers the same consolidated delivery platform and similar productivity benefits as our Universal Dental Workstation – but on a moderate budget. Like all EP Dental Workstations, the Terra places all your clinical needs at your fingertips for the most efficient delivery work-flow in the dental industry.

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32in Hygiene Workstation

The same high-level production of our dental workstations in an all-in-one Hygiene InWall unit.

There is a new Standard in Hygiene Production. Everyone knows Hygiene drives dental practices. It’s the portal through which most new patients enter. To sustain growth, a dental practice CANNOT limit capacity in this crucial treatment area. Is your hygiene set-up to handle the demand? If not, We at Ergonomic

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Small Room Solutions Workstation

Meet the Small Room Solutions Dental Workstation... Because a Small Operatory is better than No Operatory.

Sometimes, “small” is all you have got to work with – whether it’s a converted dentist’s office, a reclaimed dental storage room, or even a closet! However, you don’t have to let space restriction prevent you from achieving your practice capacity goals! Whatever your circumstance, if you need to create

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Arc OTP Delivery

Its durable construction & flexible options keep your dental productivity soaring.

Gain the efficiency of our advanced operatory designs – but keep the comfortable familiarity of Over the Patient handpiece positioning. Ergonomic Products now brings you the best of both worlds with our new OTP delivery unit, which is fully compatible with our 3-Series patient chairs. Its durable construction & flexible

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Computer Storage Cabinet

Functional Headwall cabinet built to contain the computer connected to your Headwall monitor.

A key element of the Universal Headwall, built for maximum utility and efficiency, is the Computer Storage Cabinet… Providing 4.4 cubic foot for storage with access doors on each side, place your monitor at the perfect height for your operatory and store the computer all in a single, aesthetically pleasing and consolidated space.

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Universal Workcenter

All the additional worksurface that you will need to support the EP Delivery Workstations.

As a key element of the Universal Headwall, this cabinet was designed to be a highly efficient utility, storage and work center. It is most effective when used in a dual/head-entry format and in-conjunction with the Universal Workstation. The Universal Storage Cabinet helps create an ideal ergonomic production zone that is both

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Manhattan Cabinet

A versatile workcenter that delivers higher performance and aesthetic appeal in even less space.

The Manhattan Cabinet creates a high performance treatment room with a stylish, welcoming look geared to the patient perspective. Especially suited to single-entry/toe-entry rooms, the Manhattan is the centerpiece of an ideal surgical or sedation suite. When paired with our single-tiered Universal Workstation, the hydraulic cabinetry of the Manhattan Cabinet delivers the

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Essential Workcenter

Expand your efficiency and productivity levels but not your budget with our Essential Workcenter.

Expand your efficiency and productivity levels … not your budget. Standard Features: 3-1/2 sq ft of solid Corian work surface Over 6 sq ft of Slat Wall face can receive a wide array of accessories Corian Top-cap & Backsplash Quality aluminum side rails can be custom configured to support a variety

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30in Sterilization Pulldown

A hydraulic pulldown for your sterilization center, putting supplies within arms reach for any team member.

Double your storage space while improving accessibility, visibility and safety. Anyone will be able to reach any shelf with the hydraulic cabinetry of our 30″ Resupply unit in less time with less effort. Standard Features: Hydraulic pull-down shelving to provide easy access to materials. Maximizes use of vertical storage space without sacrificing

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30in Hygiene Pulldown

Revolutionary hydraulic pulldown cabinetry to simplify and facilitate the gathering of your hygiene supplies.

While open storage is recommended in central resupply areas, it is less desired in patient-oriented spaces. To address this, we offer the Hygiene Resupply Cabinet. Intended for use in Hygiene rooms, this version eliminates the open, partitioned under-storage and is only sold with doors… When compared to the open concept of the Sterilization and

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