Small Room Solutions Workstation

Meet the Small Room Solutions Dental Workstation... Because a Small Operatory is better than No Operatory.

Sometimes, “small” is all you have got to work with – whether it’s a converted dentist’s office, a reclaimed dental storage room, or even a closet! However, you don’t have to let space restriction prevent you from achieving your practice capacity goals! Whatever your circumstance, if you need to create

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32in Hygiene Workstation

The same high-level production of our dental workstations in an all-in-one Hygiene InWall unit.

There is a new Standard in Hygiene Production. Everyone knows Hygiene drives dental practices. It’s the portal through which most new patients enter. To sustain growth, a dental practice CANNOT limit capacity in this crucial treatment area. Is your hygiene set-up to handle the demand? If not, We at Ergonomic

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Terra Workstation

Simple, effective and economical dental performance on a moderate budget.

The Terra Dental Workstation offers the same consolidated delivery platform and similar productivity benefits as our Universal Dental Workstation – but on a moderate budget. Like all EP Dental Workstations, the Terra places all your clinical needs at your fingertips for the most efficient delivery work-flow in the dental industry.

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Universal Workstation

Boost your productivity, without increasing your stress, in your dental practice.

Ergonomic Products’s GOLD Standard in Dental Delivery Workstations. Providing clinicians with a professional, effective and ergonomically sound dental product. The dental delivery platform that redefined the industry, bringing efficiency and productivity to new levels. The Universal Dental Workstation is the most feature rich delivery system available and our most popular.

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Stratus Workstation

The next generation of dental equipment with enhanced ergonomic efficiency and productivity has arrived.

EP Dental Delivery Workstations place all your clinical needs right at your fingertips. It is the most efficient and ergonomic solution to a fundamental problem for dental equipment; you can’t use what you can’t reach! Developed by Dr. David Ahearn, “Over-the-Head” delivery allows all materials, supplies and instruments to be positioned

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Horizon Workstation

Everything a dental treatment room could need right at your fingertips, in a cost-effective approach to dental delivery.

SIGNIFICANT DESIGN UPDATES With its recent design upgrade, the Horizon Dental Workstation now offers many of the double-tier benefits of our top-of-the-line Over-the-Head Dental Workstations. Consolidated dental supplies, enhanced practitioner ergonomics and a broad range of custom options make the Horizon an exceptional dental delivery platform at an attractive price.

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16in InWall

An inwall cabinet that fits into any budget and any operatory will leave your ops efficient and organized.

This is our smallest and most efficient Inwall Storage unit that adds functional, attractive utility in even the smallest of spaces. These units are very versatile and can be extremely useful in many areas of the practice, including multiple locations within a single operatory. Standard Features: Impact resistant, seamless face-frame Bulk storage specifically designed to hold

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16in Comfort InWall

An inwall cabinet with built in comfort station in half the space - a mere 16" for this efficient storage unit.

This 16″ Inwall Unit provides a touch of comfort to enhance your Patients’ experience, without leaving the operatory. Their compact size makes these units very versatile allowing for placement in different locations within the operatory (plumbing dependent).

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24in InWall

No operatory is complete without inwall cabinetry and our standard 24" storage unit.

Expand bulk storage space and accessibility to frequently used items in your operatory – without impacting the footprint. These units are very versatile and can be extremely useful in many areas of the practice, including multiple locations within a single operatory.

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24in Media InWall

Receive the patient communication benefits of the media inwall, in even less of your valuable op space.

The 24” Inwall Media provides the elements of a digital treatment and consultation room with remarkable economy of space. With the ability to effortlessly access, process and present digital data, the 24” Media maximizes functionality with a minimal impact on your operatory footprint. Big presentation capabilites in a compact package – a true Small Room Solution!

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32in Comfort InWall

A space-maximizing solution complete with a comfort station to replace wasteful side cabinetry.

Accommodate the Patient experience while gaining useful storage/work space with this sleek, space-efficient Inwall™. Standard Features Corian counter-top Additional product storage behind mirror Open glove and bib storage Chrome faucet Brushed stainless sink Utility Access panel Optional Features/Configurations Available with sink oriented to the left or right (or without sink) Extended counter available

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32in Media InWall

Perform in-operatory case presentation and checkout in a functional and space-efficient, all-in-one unit.

Communicate with your patients more effectively without the need to move them to a consult room with our all-in-one 32″ Media Inwall. With the ability to access, process and present digital data… Clinicians and treatment coordinators are better able to communicate with patients, encouraging them to say “yes” to the dentistry they need.

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Any Procedure, Any Room, Any Time.

Dental Rapidcarts

Ergonomic Products’ line of RapidCarts have been designed specifically for the Practice environment with a narrow profile for ease of movement in operatories - but with large casters for added stability. The standard product work surface is durable Power Top plastic/fiberboard laminate. Corian upgrades are also available for a more refined finish.